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Beat The Central Bank Banksters

Banks Are Collapsing. Safeguard your finances and buy CBB Coin.

Crypto Giveaways for XRP, XLM, XDC, IOTA & ALGO. 3,000 VIP NFT Passes available on OpenSea. Get 1 of these limited edition CBB Robos to release $1,000 in crypto each 600 mints.

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We are proud to work with top decentralised platforms. Together we are working to build decentralised content which can't be censored or taken down like most of the social media posts.

Our CBB Coin is live to trade. Copy the following to add CBB Coin to your wallet.

Contract: 0x9744f689E000bd2da4698dE897F38499205566CB
Symbol: CBB
Decimal 9

Frequently Asked Questions

CBB Coin is a coin on the Binance Blockchain called a Bep20 Coin pegged with XRP.

The world fiat and monetary systems are failing. Mainstream media doesn’t provide the truth and social media influencers are censored. The central bank bandits are purposely collapsing the banks. Protect your assets and freedom while investing in a safe crypto coin.

Giveaways, giveaways, giveaways. I want to share the wealth, if the NFT Collection sells out 5 holders will receive $1,000 each. Also giveaways for basic necessities to holders, every little helps especially in the economic climate we are in now.

As with any crypto investment volatility is inevitable however our marketing strategies, decentralised platforms and NFT Collection should pump the price and it’s a great time while crypto is low. The only way is Up!

We will never DM you first. You may contact us on our social media handles and we will assist with your enquiries. Reach out, say hello.

Contact us for absolutely anything, we are here to help.



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